The training environment of PermafrostNet maximises the research impact, job readiness and longer-term employability of its 60 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and northern research assistants. For more information, click here.

Employment Opportunities

Freezing and thawing processes using passive or/and active inter-seasonal heat/cold redistribution systems to stabilize permafrost thawing or thaw permafrost. Student employment program position.4 months (Winter 2020 term, starting January 6th to April 24th)$446 to $994 per week (37.5 hrs). Masters level - $754 to $892 per week depending on the number of completed semesters.High School diploma (or grade 12 equivalent). Minimum "B" academic average or equivalent.
Studying at a recognized educational institution and returning to full-time studies in the next semester.
Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada. Additionally, foreign national students who meet the eligibility requirements, are studying in recognized and eligible Canadian educational institution and possess a valid Off-Campus Work Permit may also apply.

Graduate Positions

MScCarleton UniversitySustainable culvert design over degrading permafrost, Hudson Bay railwayKenny, S. and Beddoe, R.
MScUniversity of CalgaryStrength and consolidation behaviour of permafrost sedimentsHayley, J., Moorman B., Roy-Léveillée, P. and Gruber, S.
PhDUniversity of CalgaryGeomechanical properties of thawing permafrostHayley, J., Moorman B., Kenny, S. and Froese, D.
PhDCarleton UniversityRisk management of linear infrastructure in remote permafrost terrainKenny, S., Beddoe, R., Roy-Léveillée, P., Turetsky, M. and Calmels, F.
PhDCarleton UniversityQuantifying the ice and water content of permafrost with dielectric methodsGruber, S., Stillman, D., Hayley, J. and Fortier, D.
PhDCarleton UniversitySimulation of permafrost change and quantification of confidence in resulting data productsGruber, S., Melton, J., Lantz, T. and Kokelj, S.
PhDLaurentian UniversityThaw pond initiation and evolution pathwaysRoy-Léveillée, P., Turetsky, M., Lantz, T. and Morse, P.
PhDLaurentian UniversityPermafrost and ground ice conditions in the Hudson Bay LowlandsRoy-Léveillée, P., Packalen, M., Wolfe, S. and Rabus, B.
MScLaurentian UniversityThaw-related landscape change in Weenusk Traditional TerritoryRoy-Léveillée, P., Packalen, M., Lantz, T. and Pulsifier, P.
MScLaurentian University
Land use planning and mass-wasting hazards near Fort SevernRoy-Léveillée, P., Beddoe, R. and Allard, M.
PhDCarleton UniversitySimulation-based climate services for permafrost environmentsGruber, S.
MScUniversity of VictoriaModelling of permafrost soil carbonMelton, J., Turetsky, M. and Goldblatt, C.

Network Staff

There are no current staff opportunities. Please check back soon.