The North Yukon Permafrost Conference was held in Dawson City, between the 21st and 26th of August, 2022.

The Conference was organized by the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun (FNNND), Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Government (THG), Vuntut Gwitchin Government (VGG), and the Canadian Permafrost Association (CPA). The program comprised of keynote presentations, panel discussions, poster presentations, half-day field excursions, and evening public lectures.

Further details of the conference are available on the CPA website.


There were fifteen posters presented by network members at the conference, including graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, investigators and our data scientist, as well as a poster by the network Strategy Committee presented by the Scientific Director. You can see the posters below.

Poster awards were presented by the CPA in three categories; Early career level, PhD level and MSc level. Congratulations to the poster award winners listed below.

MSc Level
First: Hannah Macdonell
Second: Emilie Stewart-Jones
Third: Nicole Corbiere

PhD Level
First: Alexandre Chiasson
Second: Maqsad Suriev
Third: Joseph Young

Early Career Level
First: Teddi Herring
Second: Nicholas (Nick) Brown
Third: Julie Perreault

Honorable Mentions
Alejandro Alvarez
Jonathan Gallagher

Click on the right-hand side posters below to see the full pdf.

Alexandre Chiasson

Title: Permafrost mapping at the community scale – Initial results from the community of Tulita, Northwest Territories.

Antoni Lewkowicz on behalf of the CPA’s Permafrost Terminology Action Group

Title: Development of an illustrated plain-language version of
the Glossary of Permafrost and Related Ground-Ice Terms.


Duane Froese

Title: Changing Permafrost Conditions in the Sahtu Region of the Central Mackenzie Valley, NWT – a Warming Ice-rich Landscape in Transition.


Emilie Stewart-Jones

Title: Permafrost in rock walls of Western Canada.

Galina Jonat

Title: Ensemble modelling as a step towards permafrost climate services.

Hannah MacDonell

Title: Ranking ground surface temperature simulations in the Northwest Territories tundra.

Hosein Fereydooni

Title: Reducing ambiguity in ground ice detection through Spectral Induced Polarization.

Joseph Young

Title: Initial investigation of the recent Johnson River permafrost landslide in the central Mackenzie Valley, NWT.

Khatereh Roghangar

Title: A review of design and adaptation of embankment infrastructure built on permafrost under a changing climate.

Nick Brown

Title: tsp (“teaspoon”): a python library for ground temperature data.

Rae Landriau

Title: Stability analysis of drilling waste sumps, western Arctic Canada.

Sheida Majidi

Title: Effects of permafrost degradation, geohazards and flooding on the performance and integrity of the Hudson Bay railway.

Stephan Gruber

Title: How can we turn permafrost knowledge into action?

Teddi Herring

Title: Improving accessibility of geophysical permafrost monitoring data with a Canadian permafrost electrical resistivity survey database: Applications in Northern communities.

Zakieh Mohammadi

Title: An approach for qualitative evaluation of permafrost thaw-settlement potential.

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