Rae is currently completing her MSc. in Geography at Carleton University. She graduated from the University of Ottawa obtaining an Honours BSc. in Environmental Science with specialization in geochemistry and ecotoxicology.  During her undergraduate degree she had the opportunity to volunteer in the Cryospheric Research Group, which allowed her to develop an interest in Northern Arctic research. During her honours thesis she worked on a geochemical analysis of deep marine turbidites and knew that she wanted to combine her passions of Arctic and geochemical research.

Working with Dr. Chris Burn, Rae will be conducting research on the physical and chemical stability of mining sumps in and around Inuvik. Her thesis will provide an analysis on the failure of mining sumps due to climate change and identify potential sumps that are at future risk of failure. She hopes that her research will be used to assist in recommendations for the remediation of sumps and the restoration of the landscape.