Nicholas is the NSERC PermafrostNet Data Scientist. He completed a BSc in environmental geoscience with a minor in mathematics (University of Victoria) and an MSc in geography with a specialization in data science (Carleton). His interest in Northern science began in 2012 when he took courses at the University Centre in Svalbard. After returning to Canada he worked in Yellowknife for a geological consulting company and led field campaigns for mine design, diamond exploration and environmental monitoring. In 2015 he was the project geologist on the Slave Province Surficial Materials and Permafrost study, which deployed over 200 temperature monitoring instruments in the sub-arctic. His graduate research focused on estimating changes to ground ice content using permafrost models and temperature time series data. In 2016 he was awarded a W.G. Weston award for Northern research. Nicholas has recently been involved in developing an automated system for the Water Survey of Canada to track changes in surface water extent in the prairies using machine learning and synthetic aperture radar.