Michel is a former post-doctoral fellow at the University of Montreal, working within Theme 1 of PermafrostNet.

He graduated from a PhD at University of Montreal in 2018 under the supervision of Daniel Fortier, his work focusing on geomorphological processes on polar desert slopes on Ward Hunt Island, in the extreme High Arctic.

He then completed a postdoc with Scott Lamoureux at Queen’s University, investigating the spatial distribution of ground ice, and the cryostratigraphy and permafrost geochemistry of a polar desert site in Resolute Bay, Nunavut.

As a field-oriented geocryologist and geomorphologist, his role within PermafrostNet was to establish a culture of data sharing within the geocryology specialists in Theme 1, aiding in creating the Permafrost Information Network of Ground Observations (PINGO) and guiding its use within the academic permafrost community. He also worked on the expert evaluation of the Ground Ice Map of Canada (GIMC), under the supervision of Duane Froese and Daniel Fortier.