Matthis is a MSc student at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany. He studies Geoecology, which is an interdisciplinary degree program combining different environmental and nature science courses. His interests lie in the connections and dependencies of ecosystems as well as the resulting processes.

He was able to attend the North Yukon Permafrost Conference in August 2022. That experience sparked his interest in permafrost and the cryosphere, resulting in an internship with NSERC PermafrostNet and Professor Stephan Gruber.

For PermafrostNet he will help organize the International Day of Permafrost, and take responsibility for a range of communications, including the winter 2023 newsletter, seminar series videos, website content and social media. He will help out Stephan’s research group in analyzing ground-temperature measuements from the Northwest Territories for climate and snow signals.