Liam completed his undergraduate degree in geography at the University of Victoria in 2022. Currently, Liam is a master’s student at the University of Calgary in the department of Geography under the supervision of Dr. Brian Moorman.

His research is focused on the effects of climate-induced permafrost thaw in the mountains of Svalbard, Norway. Specifically, his work investigates the structural instabilities of moraines caused by climate change. This climate-induced thaw could pose potential hazards such as mass wasting and glacial lake outburst floods, causing extensive damage to downstream environments. His research will involve field methods coupled with remote sensing techniques, such as UAV SfM data, to gain a deeper understanding of how structural moraine failure occurs. Further, Liam’s research utilizes techniques such as temporal DTM analysis and GPR surveys to identify possible hazardous moraines in the growing proglacial arctic environments.

Liam has a keen interest in mountainous regions which stems from his upbringing where he has extensive experience hiking, mountaineering, and skiing in the mountains of British Columbia. Liam also has an interest in photography, aiming to capture the compelling nature of the mountains.