Carolyn Relf

Carolyn has a BSc in Geological Sciences from Queen’s University, an MSc from Memorial University in geochemistry and mineral chemistry, and a PhD from Queen’s University in structural geology, metamorphic petrology, and Archean tectonics. She has served as director of the Yukon Geological Survey since January 2007, project geologist with the Government of the Northwest Territories, chief geologist with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, federal co-manager of the Northwest Territories’ Geoscience Office, director of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, as well as adjunct professor at the University of Alberta. She has spent her professional career in Canada’s north – upon completing her PhD in 1992 she entered the public sector, working as a project geologist for the Northwest Territories (NWT) government. She has academic experience with Arctic fieldwork logistics and challenges, as well as with the local geology.