Andrew is a PhD candidate at the University of Calgary in the Department of Geography under the supervision of Dr. Brian Moorman. His PhD research is focused on remote sensing of Arctic coasts in the Western Canadian Arctic. Specifically, his PhD research investigates the volumetric change along Arctic coasts by leveraging the availability of 3D data from ArcticDEM and UAV-SfM datasets. This work will be used to better understand the role of Arctic coastal erosion on the climate system and in carbon cycling. Further, Andrew’s research introduces techniques for automating coastal feature extraction by using object-based image analysis, which creates boundary features for characterizing the coastal zone but also makes contributions to large scale monitoring of Arctic coastal erosion.

Andrew completed a M.Sc. in Environmental Science at the University of Prince Edward Island where he studied the geomorphology of the sandy coasts of PEI. Andrew’s interest in coasts stems from his upbringing on Prince Edward Island where you’re rarely further than 20 minutes from the coast in any direction. Personally, Andrew has a passion for throwing Frisbees, whether it is for his dog, in Ultimate, or playing disc golf.