Adam is a PhD student at Carleton University, Canada. His PhD research is focussed on the transition of permafrost zones from continuous to discontinuous in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, the world’s second largest northern peatland. His PhD research will also investigate the concentrations of mercury stored in permafrost, the potential for it to be methylated via soil microorganisms, and the transport of this mercury through degrading permafrost environments. His PhD research will include work with remote sensing techniques, geotechnical investigation, geomorphological evolution of permafrost features, and mercury biogeochemistry associated with thawing permafrost. Adam’s M.Sc. work focussed on the microbial mediation of greenhouse gases from thawing permafrost, and the role of permafrost thaw in influencing peat chemistry and microbial communities. Adam is passionate about northern research and enjoys field work and working with northern communities, as well as networking with fellow permafrost researchers.

B.Sc. Geography and Environmental Science, Laurentian University (2018)

M.Sc. Biology, Laurentian University (2019)