Posted: January 2020
Anticipated start:  January 2020.
Supervisor: Igor Egorov, Research Officer / Agent de recherche associé, Civil Engineering Infrastructure / Infrastructures de génie civil, Construction Research Centre / Centre de recherche en construction, National Research Council Canada / Conseil national de recherches Canada.

Project description: Freezing and thawing processes using passive or/and active inter-seasonal heat/cold redistribution systems to stabilize permafrost thawing or thaw permafrost.

Job description: Literature review, data analyses. mathematical modelling and participating in design of effective inter-seasonal heat/cold redistribution systems based on the collected field data. Knowledge of mathematics, thermodynamics, permafrost sciences, physics of freezing and thawing, heat and mass transfer will be an asset.

Student employment program – further details.

Research Abstract 

Project intends to model and design heat transfer systems for the new technology called inter-seasonal heat/cold transfer, to stabilize permafrost and increase resilience of buildings and infrastructure against permafrost degradation and weather extremes or thaw permafrost before construction. Mathematical modelling of inter-seasonal heat/cold transfer based on collected field data combined with historical data will provide direct and reliable methodology for capturing surplus cold in the winter and storing it in the ground using phase change material or soils. This heat (cold) could be released in summer to reduce costs repairs and maintenance of buildings or infrastructure. Another application of inter-seasonal heat/cold technology is to prevent permafrost degradation and stabilize thawing ice –rich permafrost.

Salary: $446 to $994 per week (37.5 hrs). Masters level – $754 to $892 per week depending on the number of completed semesters.

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