A Vision for Permafrost Knowledge in Canada: From Strategy to Action

Both Permafrost Pathways and NSERC PermafrostNet organized separate panel sessions at the Canadian Science Policy Centre’s (CSPC) 2022 Conference.  This led to a collaboration to organize a single panel for the 2023 CSPC conference to advance the discussions started in 2022, entitled: A Vision for Permafrost Knowledge in Canada: From Strategy to Action, held on Monday November 13. The panelists included: John Holdren (Arctic Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School); Marc D’Iorio (ADM Science, ECCC); Sara Brown (NWT Association of Communities); and Stephan Gruber (NSERC PermafrostNet), with the Board of Directors Chair Janet King moderating (image below).

To enable more in-depth discussions and strategizing, Jennifer Spence (Carleton University; Arctic Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School) and Janet King organized a workshop that followed the panel titled: Advancing Canada’s role as a leader in permafrost knowledge and policy. The workshop featured representatives of ITK, NWT Association of Communities, ECCC, the federal government’s Working Group on permafrost,  Polar Knowledge Canada, the Geological Survey of Canada, the NWT Geological Survey, the Canadian Permafrost Association, NSERC PermafrostNet, Permafrost Pathways, ArcticNet, Woodwell Climate Research Centre, and the Cascade Institute.

You can now read all the details of the panel, get an AI summary of the discussion and hear the audio recording of the symposium on the CSPC webpage for the session.

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