NSERC PermafrostNet hosted a data systems workshop at the 2021 Regional Conference on Permafrost, held online in October 2021. The workshop featured invited speakers Ashley Rudy from the Northwest Territories Geological Survey and Jeanette Nötzli from the Swiss Permafrost Monitoring Network (PERMOS). Attendees participated in breakout rooms and plenary discussion to identify current problems and limitations with permafrost data systems and to recommend how efforts can be better connected or coordinated. The final report summarizes the conclusions and provides a record of the interactions and discussions that occurred.

The workshop follows the 2020 Permafrost Data Workshop, which highlighted the importance of a community of practice and ongoing communication to improve the interoperability of permafrost data. In addition to the concrete objectives of identifying challenges and recommendations, the 2021 workshop was a way for members of the permafrost community to share ideas, and to cross-pollinate knowledge between sectors and disciplines of permafrost science.

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