Posted: June 27, 2019
Anticipated start: September 2020 (flexible) 
Supervisory team: Dr. Pascale Roy-Léveillée, Dr. Ryley Beddoe, Dr. Michel Allard

Fort Severn is located on the Severn River, near the Hudson Bay Coast. Recent mass-wasting activity along the river has triggered local concern that the stability of the town site may be threatened by thaw-induced landslides. In partnership with Fort Severn First Nation, this MSc will characterize and compare surficial deposits and permafrost conditions at the town site and at the sites affected by mass-wasting and use remotely sensed imagery and local knowledge to investigate past mass-wasting events, their timing, and the factors that may trigger them. Maps of ground conditions and associated mass-wasting risk will be produced to facilitate planning and risk mitigation measures. For more info on the project contact