Following discussions in the network and with the Board we are proposing a graduate student and post-doctoral fellow advisory committee consisting of four non-voting positions: 

  • Chair
  • Board of Directors observer
  • Scientific Committee observer
  • Knowledge Mobilization and Communication Committee (KMCC) observer

Appointing people to the positions on the committee will be carried out through nominations. Network members may nominate candidates. Self-nominations will not be accepted. 

Positions will remain open until filled.

This form is intended for network members (PIs, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, partners and collaborators). Please do not share this form more widely.

Complete this field with your details as the nominator.
Complete this field with details of the person you are nominating. You cannot self-nominate.
Leave blank if you have no preference but think the nominee would be a suitable candidate for the committee.
Briefly explain why you are nominating the candidate in the box above.