International intern

Matthis Schindler has been working with us since the start of the year, so it’s about time to properly introduce our newest member of the PermafrostNet community, and tell you what he’s doing while he’s here in Ottawa with us.

Matt joined us as an intern for three months to work with both NSERC PermafrostNet and the research group of Stephan Gruber. He is an MSc student at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany where he studies Geoecology, which is an interdisciplinary degree program that combines different environmental and nature science courses like geology, climatology, biology, hydrology, zoology, remote sensing and many more. His interests lie in the connections and dependencies of ecosystems as well as the resulting processes.

At PermafrostNet, he is taking responsibility for a range of communications, including the winter 2023 newsletter, seminar series videos, website content and social media. He is also working with Tristan MacLean to ensure a smooth and successful International Day of Permafrost, tackling organizational duties like communicating with speakers, scheduling and handling different time zones from Vancouver to Nepal and all the other behind-the-scenes tasks that come with preparing an international conference.

“This internship has already given me a lot of insight into the importance of thorough background work for both handling scientific data and organizing a big event like the International Day of Permafrost!”

You can find further information on the International Day of Permafrost, participating organizations, the schedule and the registration link ici.