Réunion générale annuelle virtuelle conjointe PermafrostNet 2021 de l’ACP et du CRSNG

Poster Award

NSERC PermafrostNet invited attendees of the 2021 joint virtual AGM to vote for their favourite poster presentation.


Congratulations to Alexandre Chaisson who was voted best poster presenter of the NSERC PermafrostNet & Canadian Permafrost Association Joint Virtual Annual General Meeting 2021 for his poster – Initial investigations of degrading peat plateaus in the central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories.

How did attendees see the poster presentations?

To see the posters you can visit the SpatialChat space by opening this link in your browser.

Poster details are also provided on this page.

How was the favourite poster chosen?

The following criteria informed the decision:

  1. Scientific accuracy and significance.
  2. Clarity of poster.
  3. Engagement with presenter.

Alexandre Chiasson

Title: Initial investigations of degrading peat plateaus in the central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories.

Allison Plourde

Title: Measuring the permafrost active layer dynamics simultaneous with snow depth.

Antoni Lewkowicz

Title: Revising and updating the Glossary of Permafrost and Related Ground-Ice Terms: a CPA project.

Astrid Schetselaar

Title: Increases in costs associated with maintaining highway infrastructure due to climate change in Yukon.

Ariane Castagner

Title: Vertical distribution of excess ice in icy sediments and its statistical estimation from geotechnical data (Tuktoyaktuk Coastlands and Anderson Plain, Northwest Territories).

Bingqian Zhang

Title: A 3-D ground ice map produced from training on this limited borehole data set is 70% accurate.

Cameron Ross

Title: Initialization (Spin-up) of Permafrost Models.

Charles Gauthier

Title: Constraining Soil Carbon Parameter Distributions in CLASSIC using Bayesian Inference and Field Observations.

Chris Clarkson

Title: Centrifuge Modelling of Axially loaded Steel Piles in Frozen and Thawing Ground.

Emilie Stewart-Jones

Title: Learning about rock faces in mountain permafrost regions of Western Canada.

Fereshteh Ghiami Shomami

Title: Interpreting ground temperature and subsidence to better quantify permafrost change.

Frederic Brieger

Title: Quantifying local- to watershed-scale impacts of permafrost thaw-related geohazards on the natural and built environment in the Stewart River watershed, Yukon.

Galina Jonat

Title: Towards simulation-based permafrost climate services.

Hannah MacDonell

Title: Quantifying Permafrost Model Performance.

Jay Cumming

Title: Using numerical thermal modelling techniques to support snow management plans along the ITH.

Joel Pumple

Title: Permafrost core characterization using gamma ray attenuation and industrial computed tomography scanning.

Kethra Campbell-Heaton

Title: Ice wedges as winter paleotemperature proxies: is it feasible?.

Mohammad Gamshad

Title: Ground ice of eastern Canadian High Arctic polar desert.

Payam Sharifi

Title: Numerical analysis of geocell-supported Hudson Bay Railway embankment subjected to the permafrost degradation.

Rae Landriau

Title: Stability analysis of drilling waste sumps, western Arctic Canada.

Rose Lefebvre

Title: Physics in the CLASSIC Model/La physique dans le modèle climatique CLASSIC.

Zakieh Mohammadi

Title: Application of empirical correlations for estimating thaw settlement.

Qui organise cet événement?

L’événement est organisé par PermafrostNet du CRSNG et l’ACP. Ce partenariat vise à amplifier l’incidence de la recherche canadienne sur le pergélisol au Canada.

Avec qui puis-je communiquer?

Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à nous envoyer un courriel à permafrostnet@carleton.ca


Merci à notre partenaire, l’Association canadienne du pergélisol.